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Feed and Animal Health

Animal Nutrition

Since 2008, Wageningen UR Livestock Research has worked closely together with the Animal Nutrition Group of Wageningen University and the Animal Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University as part of the Centre for Animal Nutrition. The Centre for Animal Nutrition develops fundamental and application-oriented expertise about animal nutrition and ensures the exchange and transfer of this expertise to government agencies, businesses, the primary animal nutrition sectors, societal institutions, NGOs and students.

Animal Disease

Animal diseases can be a threat to both animal and human health. Central Veterinary Institute (CVI) aims to provide early warning systems, expert consultancy and diagnostic services for animal diseases. We also aim to rapidly control and eradicate diseases when they are present. Many of our research projects are carried out in collaboration with other organisations. CVI conducts research on the following diseases in order to control animal diseases that are subject to statutory control. CVI also conducts research on the causative agents of these diseases.

Aquaculture and fisheries

Due to the global increase in the demand for food, fish and shellfish farming have been heavily on the rise and sustainable fishing is needed to secure the world’s food supply. IMARES in close collaboration with Aquaculture and Fisheries Group has the necessary knowledge and investigates the potential for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors to develop sustainable and profitable businesses. Research is aimed at fish stocks assessments and the behaviour of fishers to enable good management. IMARES, part of Wageningen Aquaculture, develops robust production systems that have low impact on the environment.