Protein for life conference; call for abstracts

Published on
May 9, 2016

A global protein shortage for both humans and animals might arise in the future. How can we face this increasing challenge? Possible solutions to improve the food security are more efficient use of existing protein sources and the development of new protein sources. The Protein for life conference will present the latest research results for potential solutions for a more efficient and effective use of (novel) protein sources.

In 2012 Wageningen UR has started an ambitious research programme “Customised Nutrition”. With this programme we investigated the applicability and functionality of novel protein sources for human and animals consumption such as plant proteins, algae, insects and side streams from biorefinery processes. During the Protein for life conference, 23 till 26 October in Ede - the Netherlands, Wageningen UR will present the latest insights and findings.

The interdisciplinary conference is an excellent opportunity for researchers, industries and users interested in the research on proteins to explore potential solutions for a more efficient and effective use of (novel) protein sources. The provisional conference programme includes keynote lectures of renowned scientists like Louise Fresco (Wageningen UR), Howard Shapiro (Mars), Susanne Klaus (German Institute of Human Nutrition) and Paul Moughan (Riddet Institute Massey).

Call for abstracts

We are delighted to announce a call for abstracts and invite abstracts for the following themes:

  • Science of protein, including:
    • Processing and functionality
    • Protein digestion to post-absorptive utilisation
  • Protein nutrition in practice, including:
    • Food
    • Feed
  • Societal aspects of global protein supply, novel protein sources potential.

Deadline abstracts

  • 1st July 2016 – Deadline abstracts oral presentations
  • 15th August 2016 – Notification of abstract acceptance
  • 15th September 2016 – Deadline abstract posters

Publication conference abstracts

The abstracts of the Protein for life conference can be published as full paper in a special issue of Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences (NJAS), the quarterly journal of the Royal Netherlands Society for Agricultural Sciences. The Scientific Committee of the Protein for life conference will make the selection of the potential papers from the received conference abstracts. Publications in NJAS must fulfil the qualification criterion of integrating scientific disciplines. Read more on NJAS.

More information 

More details about the topics of the conference and how to submit your abstract(s) can be found on the Protein for life conference website. In due time, the programme will appear on the website.