Proteins as ingredients PCC research

Proteins as Ingredients

To be successful, protein-based ingredients need to be neutral in taste and flavour. Our research on proteins as ingredients is about the nutritional and bioactive functionality of proteins, including the interchangeably of proteins from different sources. We develop and refine methods to analyze and quantify the bioactivity and physiological quality of proteins (peptides, protein-complexes).

Response of protein-based systems

Products need to be adapted towards ever changing consumer needs. Natural, clean-label, vegetarian, low-fat, low-salt. With our joint know-how on soft matter and understanding of properties of protein-based systems we are able to measure, visualize and describe the response of protein-based systems to external conditions, such as moist, mechanical deformation, temperature or pressure conditions. Increasing the value of your ingredient or product by controlling or improving the functional properties of your protein or hydrolate during formulation, processing, storage, and even digestion & metabolism. Add value to your ingredient by demonstrating health benefits, either in-vivo or in-vitro.

Project highlights