Protein Projects at Wageningen UR

These are examples of current projects that are performed at our knowledge institutes. These are not at present funded by, or under the auspicion of, the PCC, but serve as exemplary 'reasons to be', to indicate our research fields and capabilities of our knowlegde partners.

Wageningen UR - IPOP Customised Nutrition

Future trends in nutrition for both humans and animals show that the formulation of food and feed products will face an increasing challenge of a global protein shortage. Solutions to this challenge require a multi-targeted approach including efficient use of existing protein sources, and development of new protein sources for human and animal consumption. The Customised Protein Nutrition Programme will deliver tailor-made solutions utilising the broad expertise of Wageningen UR and their industrial partners.

  • 1. Protein characteristics reflecting in vivo protein quality in pig diets
  • 2. Effects of ingredient processing and ingredient interactions on the protein nutritional value
  • 3. Novel Protein Foods and Novel Processing
  • 4. Use of controlled prehydrolysis and pre-processing to increase in vivo digestibility
  • 5. Kinetics of protein digestion in the gut of pigs and poultry