Application centre for edible insects

Published on
September 28, 2015

The official opening of Insect Point, housed in the BioScience Center in Lelystad, took place on Thursday 3 July. Insect Point is being used by Wageningen UR (University & Research centre), entrepreneurs and fellow knowledge institutes to work together on the production of edible insects for human and animal consumption. The centre is formally opened by Deputy King's Commissioner for the Province of Flevoland Jan Nico Appelman and Wageningen UR Executive Board member Tijs Breukink.

There is still a lot to learn and to develop when it comes to edible insects. Insect Point will initiate interactions with supply chain partners, governments, schools and businesses. The centre offers a wide range of research facilities and will provide workshops, guided tours and excursions. Educational and informative programmes for schools and the general public are also being developed.

Alternative sources of protein

There is an urgent need to look for new and/or alternative sources of protein. Research carried out for example by FAO and Wageningen UR show that insects form a sustainable and healthy alternative. ‘Insects are a highly-nutritious source of protein, in addition to which they can be produced sustainably by feeding them on plant waste products. This is therefore a promising development,’ says Piet Spoorenberg, research manager at Wageningen UR. Edible insects could provide a solution to the increasing global food demand.

More rapid innovation in insect production

The opportunities that arise from edible insects are virtually inexhaustible. However, the efficient transfer and implementation of state of the art knowledge is needed to accelerate the production and consumption of edible insects in the Netherlands. Wageningen UR and its partners hope to make applied research relating to the production of edible insects accessible to the business community.


Insect Point partners are Delibugs, Insect Europe BV, Energy & Exploitation unit Lelystad and Wageningen UR. Other companies and knowledge institutions are of course welcome. Please register your interest at

Visit the Insect Point website for further information about the centre and to register for the opening.