Join us!

Are you in the business of creating value from protein for a healthier and more sustainable future? Join forces with PCC and benefit from the PCC approach.

The 'PCC approach'

  • Fundamental knowledge provides basis for future innovations
  • Demand-driven research: for knowledge with industrial relevance
  • Structural
    partnership and joint long term projects assure effective translation
    of fundamental knowledge to industrial application
  • Effective research collaboration for faster valorisation by industry
  • Flexible pilot plant to produce proteins on a very small scale

Several knowledge institutes and partners from the industry are already benefitting from the PCC approach. Do you want to join us too? PCC partners will decide on admission of new members. Our current partners are listed here.

Rules for admission

New members are required to sign our Consortium Agreement. As a partner you are not obliged to participate in all projects. Each venture is arranged in dedicated agreements that lay down all aspects of i.e. finance, deadline, responsibility and intellectual property. Partners only take financial responsibilities for those projects in which they take part in. Revenues and intellectual property rights are acquired according to this arrangement and dispensed according to input ratio. The latter can, of course, be adapted to the wishes of the participating partners if they agree on a different division. Please contact our general manager if you have any questions.

Consortium Agreement

See below for a schematic representation of our management structure, indicating the placement of the Consortium Agreement (the 'umbrella') and the separate contract of each individual project.

PCC management structure
PCC management structure