Ambitions and Aims

The goal of the Protein Competence Center is to organise demand-driven, innovative protein research. We are a flexible, resolute, and effective organisation with a large network of industrial and knowledge partners.

The principles of the PCC are

  • Efficient cooperation / network is key for formation of public-private partnerships for new calls: as the time from call to proposal is very short (on average 2 months) it is crucial to continuously formulate joint research themes and proposals, which can be submitted when relevant calls are open.
  • Flexibility is essential: this both provides the opportunity to host a diversity of projects and is a necessity as a result of moving (inter-)national research grant possibilities. The ‘depth’ and size of the research project is depending on the chosen cooperation form of the project and of the type of funding (with or without subsidy). This implies that, in principle, pre-competitive, more fundamental knowledge oriented and more strategic/applied (potentially confidential) projects can be part of/performed within PCC.

PCC Consortium agreement and partners

The consortium agreement is an ‘umbrella agreement’ of the criteria mentioned above (so providing flexibility) and does contain a confidentiality agreement.

  • Specific Intellectual Property and Financial Agreements are made for each separate project, also depending on the rules of the particular funding.
  • PCC will be open for admittance of additional parties. PCC partners can join PCC activities such as sessions for formulating new demand-driven research themes, open days, etc.

PCC finances

  • Pay only for projects in which you participate
  • Success-fee for PCC organisation (as low as possible; for personal costs of PCC staff and general activities such as meetings)
  • Precompetitive – fundamental (PhD) projects with public funding options, for example STW-consortium programme (50% matching) - open technology / perspective programme STW, NWO fundamental programmes (~10-30% matching) - TKI calls (~40-60% matching) - Other (province, EU, etc.)
  • (Pre)competitive - (bilateral) strategic options: 100% private funding