More Value by Collaboration!

The Protein Competence Centre is on the forefront of innovative protein research through collaboration of food and feed companies and knowledge partners, to strive towards a healthy and sustainable society.

Based in the Netherlands we build an internationally renowned center with our national and multinational companies and our network of kwowledge partners.


The Protein Competence Center is a balanced network of aspiring food and feed companies together with strong partners in the research sector, universities and other knowledge partners. Based in the Netherlands it is internationally orientated to innovate the world's protein supply, with all its aspects of economy, sustainability, health, and environment. Although at present focused on protein in feed and food, we certainly also consider the use of protein in non-food applications and links to biobased economy.

A flexible network

All partners are required to sign our Consortium Agreement. Each project is arranged in a dedicated agreement that lays down all aspects of, e.g., finances, time line, responsibilities, and intellectual property. So partners only take financial responsibilities for those projects in which they participate. Revenues (and intellectual property rights) are acquired according to this arrangement, and dispensed according to input ratio. The latter can be otherwise addapted to the wishes of the parters in a project if they agree on a different division.

See below for a schematic representation of our management structure, indicating the placement of the Consortium Agreement (the 'umbrella') and the separate contract of each individual project.

PCC consortium agreement