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Protein Functionality

Do you want your protein ingredient to excel on taste, stability, image, health and cost? Use PCC joint knowledge of more than 60 years of experience in applied protein technology. From source to benefit, from animal to vegetable protein and from fundamental knowledge to practical solutions, we assist you with your innovations and help you to enhance your business.

Production and application of proteins

With links to advances in plant sciences to improve (genetically-controlled) protein production and the ability to design, engineer and produce functional biopolymers for specific applications, complement the ability to have full access to protein functionality at the start of the chain.

Proteins as the sustainable alternative

Our knowledge partners have a record for the design of dedicated industrial separation methodologies and with the development of mild refinery technologies significant steps can be made in the protein transition as part of the sustainability scope. With the world population growing to nine billion in 2050 the demands for proteins from other sources but with similar functionality will be on the rise.
From source selection to application, we offer: With our state-of-the-art analytical facilities, we link proteins present in a wide range of animal or vegetable sources with benefits in final applications. Extraction protocols developed at lab scale are scaled-up into economic feasible processes using our unique food-grade pilot plant facilities. Starting with fundamental protein understanding we identify and improve the functionality of protein ingredients in foods with respect to taste, stability and health benefits. Applications and benchmark (new) protein ingredients with others in a large variety of food application.

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